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Join UNC Veterans Services for the annual Freedom 5K. This year will be virtual, so you can run any course you’d like! Proceeds from the race help support veterans at UNC through programs like our Student Veterans of America Chapter, and the Veterans Scholarship.

For ongoing updates regarding the Freedom 5K, please follow UNC Veterans Services on Facebook or Instagram. You can also reach out to with any additional questions. We look forward to racing with you!

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and to ensure the safety of all our runners, the Freedom 5K will be held virtually this year. This means that you can join the race from anywhere in the country! We recommend recording your race through one of the many apps available. We will accept screenshot showing your race time and distance, along with your name. We will also be sending invitations to our Strava run group ahead of race day.

Register by Monday, October 19 to receive a t-shirt.

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Saturday November 7
Racers will receive a Freedom 5K shirt in the mail closer to the November start date.
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2020 Veteran's Services Freedom 5k:

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Although not on the forefront of everyone’s mind since the drawdown of U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are still approximately 200,000 service members stationed throughout the world, some of them in harm’s way. As a nation, we must continue to support returning service members and their families as much as possible.

Some of those veterans and their family members come to UNC. We currently support over 400 veteran and military-affiliated students at Roudebush Cottage. This is through a combination of staff support, scholarship opportunities, and programs, such as our brand new peer support program, PAVE. It is our mission that we assist veteran and military-affiliated Bears during their transition to campus, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and strengthen the work we do here to make that happen.